Pastor Chris Kumpula


Pastor Chris Kumpula was born and raised in Minnesota, and after attending the University of St Thomas in St Paul, he married his wife Becca. They have been blessed as a family with three children. Pastor Chris is a graduate of our Free Lutheran seminary in Minneapolis (AFLTS). He accepted a call to serve as pastor on December 6th, 2018 after serving an internship at Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD. Pastor Chris is passionate about teaching, church planting & revitalization, and history.

From the Congregation: Expectation

We desire a pastor who understands Scripture and its doctrines, subscribing to its authority, and who demonstrates the ability to accurately interpret it through exegetical preaching and teaching. Our pastor is called by the congregation and charged to use the instruments through which God saves and sanctifies by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We desire that our pastor demonstrate the ability to properly distinguish between the Law and the Gospel in teaching, preaching, and practice as a servant pastor. Our pastor is called to lead by serving and serve by leading.

From the Pastor: Why I’m Here

The call to serve Mankato was a call to a unique ministry opportunity of revitalization. Thousands of churches are closing every year, and new church plants are not enough to reach our growing post-Christian world. 10-15% of churches are facing decline and an imminent death. I took the call believing that just as Christ brought life through His sacrificial death, so too can He bring life to His church when we are willing to die. Many of our churches need the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into the church, but it isn’t easy.

I am humbled by an amazing fellowship of believers who have endured hard things by the grace of God. They surprised me further by enduring hard months of intentional change, not always well-communicated in the enormous complexity of undertaking so much change all at once. From the moment I walked into this place, I knew God has a special purpose and plan for this church.

I am indebted to previous pastors such as Pastor Tim Hinrichs, whose ministry of hope and healing prepared the soil for my family to come and serve. By God’s grace, I am determined to see this corner of the Kingdom of God thrive again as a place where His Word comes to life.

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