Our Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service at 10am - Christian Education 9am-9:45am

We believe in family worship, and so your children are most welcome to worship with us. As the need arises, there is a nursery available with a bathroom and window to the sanctuary.

There is parking on both the north and south sides of the church building. Feel free to pull-up to the sidewalk if you need to drop-off family.

People wear what they are comfortable in.

We are located on the corner of Stoltzman Road and 200th Street on the southern edge of Mankato, MN. See Map Here

What to Expect

You will hear a message that is focused on Christ’s finished work and reflects our uncompromising stance on Scripture. You will hear Scripture read, read Scripture corporately, participate in confessions of sin and faith that are either straight from Scripture or based on Scripture passages. You will experience passionate and robust Law & Gospel preaching from God’s Word. Every time, we ask, “what does THIS text say about THIS Christ in THIS time in my life?”

  1. This text: What do I understand better about what this text says?

  2. This Christ: What does it say about Jesus Christ?

  3. This time: How does it apply to this time in my life?

We worship with both reverence and joy because God is both perfectly holy and graciously merciful. Each worship service is meant to be a journey to the cross. Every journey will be different, and so each service will call us to a place of sorrow for humanity and raise us to a place of delight in Jesus Christ.

We use both old and new elements within the worship service because God is not bound by time. You'll sing old and ancient hymns, spiritually rich favorites from previous decades, and new songs of worship that you might have never heard before. Through all of this, the truth of God's Word remains at the center.

Confession and Communion

We confess our faith with the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and other historic confessions of the Christian faith.

We confess our sins corporately and receive the Good News of the forgiveness of sins for any and all who repent and trust in Christ.

We take the Lord’s Supper seriously because we take the words of Christ seriously when He says “This is my body. . . . This is my blood of the covenant.” (Matt 26:26,28) Paul makes it clear that it is proclamation of Christ’s finished work unto salvation and a gift for the nourishment of our faith as believers who take it in repentance and faith (1 Cor 11:26). As such, we practice “close” communion and you do not need to be a member of our church to partake in communion. We ask only that each examine himself or herself in light of Scripture, particularly 1 Corinthians 11. We urge each to carefully answer these questions:

  1. Am I truly sorry for all my sins in thought, word, and deed? 

  2. Do I believe that Jesus my Savior paid for all these sins on the cross? 

  3. Do I believe that Jesus gives me in the Supper His body and blood for the  forgiveness of my sins, life, and salvation? 

  4. Do I desire to amend my sinful life by the help and power of the Holy Spirit?

We pray your answer to each would be an emphatic “yes!” Communion is for the faint and weak (1 Cor 11:30, Is 42:3), and so those who come with a burdened conscience grieved by sin can anticipate the joy of what Christ has accomplished for any and all who come to Him.

We absolutely welcome those who may answer “no” to worship with us, cherishing the opportunity to teach the truth of God’s Word, but would urge them to withhold so as to not drink further condemnation upon themselves as we encounter a holy and righteous God. Pastor Chris is always available for further questions and discussion.

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