Our Philosophy of Worship

Our services at Word of Life Free Lutheran Church are intended to be:

Biblical - The Word of God is to be the basis and center for every service.

Gospel-centered - The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be the focus of our service, shaping all practices within our services.

Congregational - The gifting and participation of our congregation are for the glory of the Lord.

Missional - Each service is to equip, fill, and send us out into the world to grow the Kingdom of God.

We pray that each faces the reality of our standing under the Law of God, and that we are constantly reminded of our need for Christ’s redeeming work in our lives.  As we face the law, we confess our standing before God and are reminded throughout Scriptures that Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). He does not leave us dead in our trespasses and sins, but by grace makes us alive with Christ (Ephesians 2:4-10).

This good news of Jesus Christ is presented to the church body within our services through a consistent liturgy, which includes:

  1. Adoration - recognition of God's greatness and grace

  2. Confession - acknowledgement of our sin and need for grace

  3. Assurance - affirmation of God's provision of grace

  4. Thanksgiving - expression of praise and thanks for God's grace

  5. Offerings - bringing our tithe to God out of response to His goodness

  6. Petition and Intercession - expression of dependence on God's grace for all things

  7. Instruction - acquiring knowledge to grow in grace as disciples of Jesus

  8. Benediction or Blessing - living for and in the light of God's grace

  9. Communion/Fellowship - celebrating the grace of union with Christ and his people

Our Worship Priorities



Caring for Content in Corporate Worship

Christ is the only proper object of worship. When our content is rightly centered on who Christ is, worship brings unity. We seek the united voices of the congregation in communal worship. “Content is king” because Christ is King, and we seek to worship the King corporately in freedom. We strive to care for the content of our services to ensure their grounding in Scripture and their edification for the body of Christ.


Receiving and Sending with a Missional Focus

As the church body is fed a healthy liturgy, we receive the grace of God and are sent out on a mission in Jesus’ name to fulfill the great commission in every aspect of our lives. Whenever we leave the sanctuary, we leave with a reminder of God’s grace to us in that we are adopted as children of the King, and are sent out to reach those who have yet to know God in a personal way through His son Jesus Christ. We return every Sunday to worship so we can encounter God, who purifies us by the conviction of the Law and fills us with grace through the Gospel, so that God might send us into our vocations in the world as salt and light.


PRAYERFULLY Serving with Excellence

We strive to use the musical and technical gifts of our congregation for the glory of the Lord as a thanksgiving offering as well as to edify the church body. We desire to give our best to God, and so we seek to approach worship with thoughtful planning and fervent prayer for God’s blessing. In all we do, we fall on our knees before the throne of grace beseeching Him to bless all who enter our sanctuary.